Ever since I was a child, I have always been curious about 'how it works' and my favourite pastime has always been to take apart anything I could get my hands on.
It was this curiosity that brought me to photography, the mystery and magic that allows you to reproduce your own vision of things.
Today I live in Puglia with my wife Michela and our three stars, Giovanni, Caterina and Domenico.

How everything began

A need more than a choice

I received my first wedding service from two friends of mine, despite the 80's awful shoots which made me feel discouraged towards photography in general. Nevertheless, I accepted.

When I went delivering the album, I found myself at a kitchen table together with the newlyweds and the bride’s parents, who hadn’t been able to join the event. The eyes of the bride’s mom, her trembling hands while she was flipping through the pages, and her emotion finally opened a door into my consciousness.

At that moment, wrapped in the warmth of a family finally reunited, I realized how much what I had done... to them was important and how much their emotion was invaluable to me.

My approach

Joy is just to be yourself – alive, fully vibrant, vital. A feeling of a subtle music around your body and within your body, a symphony – that is joy.


The required ingredients to fully enjoy the wedding day are certainly the joy and the spontaneity, filled with much love.

A photograph doesn’t lie and that’s why I think the reportage is the only photographic language capable of narrating your wedding at the best.

I don’t love sophisticated situations because they tend to alter the perception of what you actually are. I prefer grasping the beauty of emotions that follow one another during the day without interfering with what happens around me.

As a photographer, I don’t love finding myself on the other side of the lens, so I understand whoever is afraid to feel uncomfortable. I will be discrete as a comfortable presence.

I won’t take you away from your guests to shoot you in a thousand places. One of the most important days of your life should be lived with the loved ones, not with the photographer. This is the reason why I usually spend only 15/ 20 minutes to shoot the couple in the most suitable light.

Over the years, it has been obvious to me that the connection created with the people who chose me is fundamental. If you are just looking for a vendor, maybe I’m not the best person for you; if you think I may be the right friend you can rely on, just contact me and tell me something about you, your projects and dreams.