Wedding Photography Puglia

This love told the world that reason does not exist, that my heart is a cathedral and that you entered, tiptoeing and dancing on it, to take my breath away and learn life. This love told the world that love has no boundaries, that you picked me up and then picked me back up, to bind you with me to the colors of the universe.

This love has told the world that we are not invincible, but that we are as happy as the waves of the sea: changeable, iridescent, and unreachable. And you, my little rock, so still and yet so fragile, cling to life and tell of days young and days to come, in which grace and strength resemble us.

Maybe, without knowing it, we'll look at each other and in the green meadow of our age, I'll tell you about how we crossed oceans and rocked tides, how we anchored our hearts and sailed without sails. For now, though, let's stay that way. Simple as a September day. Simple as a yes.

Claudia and Milena

Location: Corte Lo Jucco
Video: Pasquale Marturano
Make Up: @jo_yo_iole
Hairdresser: Morena Cantoro
Dresses: Willy's Point